Each piece of brewery equipment that is fabricated at our company is made with your own project in mind. A small sample of customized equipment we have produced over the years include:

      • Portable Pumps
      • Custom vessels
      • Mash tuns
      • And more

Why invest in these custom products?

Some brewhouses have their own unique requirements when it comes to getting the exact equipment needed. Having the correct amount of space to install everything is one; having the correct sized tanks for hot liquids that are part of the brewing process is another. Perhaps you need a bigger brewing capacity?

Whatever your brewhouse’s requirements are, we can fulfill them 100% with our custom products. At Innovative Stainless Solutions, we are staffed to provide you with project support from start to finish. From estimating, engineering, and design/drafting to project management, fabrication, and freight forwarding, we work with you every step of the way to ensure you receive a high quality solution to your project requirements.

What goes into our custom products?

      • In-house fabrication: We specialize in fabricating/welding stainless steel using tungsten inert gas (TIG, technically known as gas tungsten arc welding, aka GTAW), fluxcore (i.e. flux-cored arc welding, or FCAW), and metal inert gas (MIG, technically known to be gas metal arc welding or GMAW). We can also provide extremely clean tube welds utilizing our orbital welding equipment. Our welders use modern methods of material processing to reduce production times and obtain a greater accuracy in the final product. We have modest machining facilities, which assist with the clean fit-up of welded parts.
      • In-house engineering: We can assist in the engineering and design of your goods to obtain a product that will satisfy your production requirements. Site visits, telephone support, and project planning are provided to all of our clients.

Are you interested in receiving our more customized products for your brewery? Give us a call at 778-225-2525.


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