We are staffed to provide you with project support from start to finish. From
estimating, engineering management, design/drafting, project management,
fabrication, and freight forwarding. We provide site visits, telephone support, and
project planning and will work with you to ensure that you receive a high-quality
solution to your project requirements.

Our in-house fabrication staff specialize in stainless steel welding using TIG
(GTAW), Flux Core (FCAW), and MIG (GMAW). We can also provide extremely
clean tube welds utilizing our orbital welding equipment.

We use modern methods of material processing to reduce production times and
obtain high accuracy in the final product.

We have shearing and forming capabilities of up to 12 feet and 240 tons as well as
modest machining facilities which assist with the clean fit-up of welded parts.

Are you interested in receiving our more customized products for your brewery? Give us a call at 778-225-2525.

Do you have a custom project that requires our expertise?