Distillation and brewing equipment - wine and cider making

When it comes to brewing equipment, we know that quality is important for
maintaining a clean environment for wort and beer production and yeast
maintenance. This is one of the reasons we aim to build quality whenever we take
on a brewery project.

Our welders are all trained to lay down the best welds that are smooth and pin-hole
free and ready for final polishing. Laying down a good weld is not only good for
brewery cleanliness, but it makes the job of polishing easier too. 

We like to build quality into our systems from the inside out. A quality interior is
important for brewing and a quality exterior can be important for presentation to a
brewery’s final customers.

To fabricate equipment that is easy to keep clean we make sure that we start with a
good design. We have the design experience that dates back to the early 1990s when micro-breweries were starting their historic rise.

If you are starting or expanding a brewery, we can provide full brewhouse builds
with mashtuns, lauter tuns, brew kettles, whirlpool tanks, hot liquor tanks, controls,
pumps, work platforms, grain handling, portable pumps, and all brewhouse piping.
We also offer tanks for fermentation or storage.

We can provide distillery equipment as well. We offer copper or stainless-steel pot
stills and columns, controls, and associated equipment including interconnecting
piping and storage tanks. We can supply system sizes that range from 100 litres to
3000 litres.

If you are seeking winery/cidery tanks for either fermentation or storage or
conditioning, we can provide them with or without cooling jackets.

Do you have questions about brewing equipment?