Whether you run a brewery on a province-wide scale or you’re just getting started with brewing, you want to have the best equipment possible for the job. Our Courtenay-based company designs and fabricates stainless steel microbrewery equipment, fermenter tanks, heat exchangers, pumps, and more. Each of our customized projects are built with sanitization, safety, and excellent end results in mind.

Why Our Services?

Perhaps you’re wondering why our company is the best choice. Perhaps you’ve looked at so many other places and can’t make up your mind. Here are some of our strongest points.

  • QUALITY: From start to finish, we work with you to ensure you receive the most high-quality solution to your project’s requirements, whether it’s installing a proper yeast propagation system or building a keg washer.
  • EXPERTISE: Our company is fully staffed to provide you with project support from its initiation to completion.
  • CANADIAN: Our company is set within Vancouver Island, widely known as a brewery/cidery/winery haven. The services we’ve provided have gone towards continuing that tradition of brewing only the best for customers. Whether you’re in another province or right next door to us in the Comox Valley, we can deliver the proper and exact brewhouse equipment you need for your establishment.

Who Do We Work For the Most?

We design and fabricate several forms of equipment for the following industries:

  • Breweries
  • Wineries
  • Cider Breweries
  • Microbreweries

Some of our past clients have included household names such as Ace Brewing Company, Container Brewing, and Forbidden Brewing Company.

What Kind of Brewery Equipment Do We Offer?

The stainless steel brewhouse equipment we can build include, but are not limited to: keg washers, tanks/vessels, piping and tubing, pumps, turnkey brewing systems, brite tanks, wort chillers, heat exchangers…and so much more.

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