CSA B51.1 Pressure Vessels

CSA B51.1 pressure vessels

Certified (pending) in British Columbia, we specialize in the engineering and fabrication of stainless steel pressure vessels to our client’s custom requirements.

Pressure vessels are an integral part of processing and brewing. Most of the chemical reactions that take place in a pressure vessel help to eliminate harmful bacteria from the final product. However, if the pressure is too great, above 15 psig (pounds per square in gauge), disaster can take place such as negative implosions.

To keep everyone involved with the brewing process safe and to reduce the likelihood of such disaster from occurring at all, extreme caution is taken during the design and fabrication of our stainless pressure vessels. Adhering to safety is a guarantee you can expect from our crew. All of our pressure vessels are built with pressure release valves (PRVs) in order to release excess pressure built up inside of the vessel, thus reducing the risk of catastrophe. Stainless steel is also an ideal material for the vessels since it’s the easiest to clean and maintain, thus adhering to health and sanitization codes in addition to safety codes.

Why Choose CSA B51.1 Pressure Vessels Exactly?

These pressure vessels have been recognized by The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to align with certain standards in health and safety established in Canada. The CSA B51.1 standard is the newest standard that all welding and quality control procedures must adhere to.  

Our quality control system and weld procedures are aligned with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) codes and standards. The procedures we follow are by the book in ASME Section VIII, Div.1 and Section IX. These procedures are followed in both Canada and the US, again for the sake of ensuring safety protocol comes first and foremost during the fabrication process.

Our employees have the experience to design and build pressure vessels that will conform to code requirements and satisfy the application demands of your project. If you require CSA B51.1 pressure vessels for your brewery, contact us at 778-225-2525 or send us a message.

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