10 BBL Brewhouse


10 HL Mashtun (Domestic)

  • 54" ID x 36" shell height
  • c/w shallow bottom cone, open top with two-piece lid. Shell insulated & clad. False bottom. Sparge sprayers, vorlauf fitting, bottom outlets and under screen flush. Top grist inlet. Side spent grain manway. Four legs with adjustable feet. Thermowell in side shell. Internal CIP sprayballs.
  • Adder for optional rake & plow Installed in mashtun c/w VFD

10 HL Brew kettle/Whirlpool (Domestic)

  • 54" ID x 36" shell height
  • c/w top cone with glass manway with client's logo, cone bottom. Shell insulated & clad. Wort inlet, wort outlet, trub outlet, tangential inlet, and water inlet. Four legs with adjustable feet. Internal CIP sprayballs. Top steam/vapour vent with internal condensate ring. Thermowell in side shell. Bottom & side steam jackets.

20 HL Hot liquor tank (Domestic)

  • 50" ID x 60" shell height
  • c/w top cone, cone bottom. Shell and bottom insulated & clad. Water inlet, bottom outlet, recirculation port, and overflow. Side entry manway. Four legs with adjustable feet. Internal CIP sprayball. Top vent. Thermowell in side shell. Side steam jacket.


  • 66" long x 30" wide x 36" tall
  • railings
  • stairs
  • 304SS construction
  • FRP grating

Brewhouse plumbing (Domestic build - some imported parts)

  • c/w pumps, controls, & heat exchanger
  • 304 grade stainless steel construction
  • 2B internal finish with welds polished to 150 grit - #4 external finish with welds scotch bright finished