Sanitary dairy and beverage tanks and food processing equipment

Sanitary dairy/beverage tanks and food processing equipment

Stainless steel design and fabrication is the heart of Innovative Stainless Solutions. If you have specific requirements needed for your food producing project, we can supply your company with sanitary equipment that fulfills your exact needs while also adhering properly to sanitation practices.

Each tank and food processing component is built keeping 3-A sanitary standards and accepted codes and practices in mind, or to custom requirements needed for your specific project. By keeping the 3-A standard in mind, we are in fact: 1) using only the latest cutting-edge hygienic technology and design in our clients’ projects; 2) building equipment that can be taken apart and put back together again for easy and thorough cleanings and inspections; and 3) ensuring any food or beverage that comes into contact with the equipment is at the lowest risk of becoming contaminated. This is to adhere to and ensure not only your health, but also the health of your customer base.

We use stainless steel for all of our sanitary tanks and food processing equipment for very obvious reasons. It is the best material for the job. By using stainless steel we can exactly ensure that the equipment needed for your food processing project consists only of smooth, accessible, and easy-to-remove surfaces, all of which are non-toxic, non-absorbent, and corrosion-resistant.

If you have heating, cooling, mixing, or other food processing requirements, we can supply fully engineered tanks, agitators, or other processing equipment. Welding and finishing is carried out by our company to eliminate contamination risks of your final processed products.

We specialize in fabricating to various beverage and food producers’ equipment demands. Storage tanks, steam jacketed tanks, glycol jacketed tanks, fermenters, heat exchangers, mix tanks, and conveying equipment are some examples of our product portfolio.

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