Sanitary dairy and beverage tanks and food processing equipment

Sanitary dairy/beverage tanks and food processing equipment

Just like brewing equipment your sanitary process piping needs to be quality built.
Arguably even more care needs to be taken to ensure that this is successfully
achieved when welding process piping. Unlike tanks, most sanitary process piping
won’t allow for visual inspection and most companies don’t take the time to
examine welds with ultrasound or x-rays. This means that we need to build quality
piping first and every time. Only our most experienced welders are given this task.
They make sure that welds are back purged with 100% Argon resulting in smooth
bores without crevices, or nasty burnout of Chromium, or pinholes. We also have
orbital welding equipment that we can use for a perfect weld every time.

If you have heating, cooling, mixing, or other processing requirements we can
supply fully engineered tanks, agitators, or other processing equipment. Welding
and finishing carried out to eliminate contamination of your final processed
products. We specialize in fabricating to various beverage and food producers’
equipment demands. Storage tanks, steam jacketed tanks, glycol jacketed tanks,
fermenters, heat exchangers, mix tanks, conveying equipment are some examples
of our product portfolio.

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